Measure & Make is a group of dudes who are are hitchhiking on a long time dream of our founder. A dream to use tech to make goods. But also to make them responsibly. Sourcing local, making items to order, all of this helps the community but also the environment. The goal being to make the smallest business footprint we can. With diverse backgrounds from coding, fine art and marketing we strike a balance to bring tech and materials together to make made to order goods for your home or business.



We are doing things a new way. With our goods being made to order we are able to make responsibly. Sourcing materials locally elevates shipping and the fuel and time that goes into that. Making items once they are purchased gets rid of wasted space for inventory and prevents the waste of materials for items that may never be purchased. Our shop is our showroom. So if you're in the area, come on by, everything is for sale. All of these aspects let us make in a way that benefits us all.



If you have an idea, design, dream or brainstorm for your home or business we would love to hear it. We are constantly making these ideas come to life for our clients. From theme parties props to prototypes, if it's made out of wood, acrylic, metal or leather odds are we can make that happen.